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South Dakota Latex Allergy Network

Hello and welcome to the South Dakota Latex Allergy Network! This site will try to provide as much information as possible to you about latex issues within our state. We are working on surrounding states so be sure to check back, as this site will be updated often.

In the year 2000 Governor William J. Janklow issued an Executive Proclamation for The State of South Dakota stating that the people for the National Latex Allergy Network and the people of South Dakota have set aside the week of October 1-7 as Latex Awareness Week. This proclamation opened the door for the people of the South Dakota Latex Allergy Network to develop and implement latex allergy safety and prevention. Since that time we have come far in educating our communities about latex allergy, but there is still much to be done. View the proclamation

Let's start right out with the best latex web site there is; if you click on the following link you will find endless latex allergy information. Latex Allergy Links

For a medical description of latex allergy please click on this link;
Allergy & Asthma Advocate: Fall 2000

View an alert from NIOSH

Looking for a legal reason why latex should not be used? Read this.

If you are interested in the FDA Food code guidelines, you can check out the latest supplement, added in August of 2003, to the 2001 Food Code here.
Note 2-301.16 on Hand Sanitizing and 3-301.11 on Preventing Contamination from Hands state that when gloves are suggested "single-use gloves" are mentioned not latex gloves.

Those of you who are uncertain of the laws set out by our state legislature as far as food handling, feel free to click on the following link and check under sections 44:02:07:13 - General employee cleanliness, and 44:02:07:21 - Preventing contamination by employees. South Dakota Food Service Code Please note that section 44:02:07:13 states that employees must vigorously wash hands and section 44:02:07:21 - (4) states "single-use gloves", not latex gloves.

The following businesses are latex safe*

In the Aberdeen Area

In the Arlington Area

In the Castlewood Area

In the Dell Rapids Area

In the Hill City Area

In the Hot Springs Area

In the Kranzburg Area

In the Lennox Area

In the Martin Area

In the Madison Area

In the Milbank Area

In the Philip Area

In the Pierre Area

In the Rapid City Area

In the Spearfish Area

In the Sioux Falls Area

In the Watertown Area

In the Waubay Area

In the Webster Area

In the Yankton Area

Interested in latex safe restaurants out of state? Check out listings in Minnesota, Wisconsin.

*The above businesses have stated that they do not use latex gloves. If you are ever unsure about the gloves that are being used, ASK! Also, as pointed out to me by a restaurant owner, pre-packaged foods, such as salads, cannot be guaranteed as to what was used to handle it before it came to the restaurant. As always, be sure to check public restaurants and all other public areas for parties or displays that could contain latex balloons. The information for this website was gathered starting in July of 2003.

"Thank you" to all of the above establishments for giving approval to be a part of this web site.

Disclaimer; All of the above material is provided for informational proposes only. This site nor the businesses listed above are not responsible for any action taken by readers as a result of their interpretations of material provided by this site. Always consult your physician about treatment of or decisions about your health.

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  This site was last updated on: 12/11/2003

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